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naturalprotection-large Healthy Days with Paul & Ann

Natural Protection in the Fight Against Colon Cancer

Hi folks! Paul here. Of all the diseases known to man, there are few that strike fear in us the way that cancer does, partly due to the host of challenging side effects commonly related to conventional methods of handling the disease. My father, Rev George Malkmus, is no stranger to this fear. In 1976, […]

d3k2 Health and Nutrition

D3K2: The Disease Fighting Super Duo!

When it comes to food, there are some ingredients that just seem to go together – flavors that enhance each other in such a way that they bring out the distinct essence of each one. Similarly, some foods, when paired correctly, compliment each other so well that they can become incredible superfood duos – extraordinary […]

juice-to-go Health and Nutrition

The Incredible Power of Juice – Now Available On-The-Go!

When it comes to promoting great health, there’s nothing quite like the concentrated power of fresh fruits and vegetables! As a supplement to a healthy diet, juicing plays a very important role, providing a nutrient dense, enzyme packed boost to overall health. Juicing also helps alkaline the body by neutralizing acidity – a key component […]

what-is-blog Health and Nutrition

The Importance of Iodine – Are You Getting Enough?

Iodine has long been studied with regard to the significant role it plays in supporting human health. In 1813, just two years from the discovery of this incredible element, Swiss physician Jean Francois Coindet began using iodine for the treatment of patients with goiter, a condition that refers to the abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland, resulting […]

179129724 Health and Nutrition

Taking Cardiovascular Health to Heart

Ever heard the saying, “serious as a heart attack”? The origin of this phrase is easy to understand, as a heart attack is generally regarded as one of the most detrimental afflictions known to mankind, therefore not something to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, judging by the increasing popularity of the standard American diet and the […]