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June 25, 2013

Raw Foods Heal: Here’s Proof!

You can try all day to explain to someone how raw food heals, but until they experience it, it’s hard to believe.

Scientifically, we know that raw foods are living foods  (enzymatically alive) and that living foods are the only things in nature that enable our living bodies to generate better cells to replace inferior cells that are dying off every day (300 million per minute).

When we eat a diet high in living (raw), plant-based foods — raw veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds — the body is provided with what it needs to properly nourish its cells.

The “life force” in these foods are what enable the body to begin rebuilding its own life force (self-healing ability) to repair disease-damaged cells, tissues, and organs.

The problem is, “life force” is intangible — until you see the difference in someone’s complexion.

We went to a raw food festival in Arizona a few years ago. These people were raw foodists to the core, 100% raw food, all the time.

Now, a 100% raw food diet is a difficult thing to keep up, but you could tell by their skin that their diet was paying off! They had the most beautiful skin we’ve ever seen, both men and women. And their eyes were bright with color and crystal clear.

For some, beautiful skin is reason enough to try a primarily raw, plant-based diet like The Hallelujah Diet, but your skin and the eyes are also useful indicators of your overall health.

If your diet is not on track, it will show up on your skin. Just as other organs suffer due to poor diet, so does your skin, which is the largest organ in your body.

Dry skin, eczema, liver spots, and other skin abnormalities are all indicators that your diet needs an adjustment.

The indication in your eyes, however, is even more telling.

A science called iridology is based on the discovery that the iris of your eye (the colored part) is a diagnostic health map of your body. Generally, the top of the iris represents your head, the middle represents your torso, and the bottom represents the lower section of your body.

When an ailment attacks a certain part of your body, whether you know it or not, there will be gaps in the color at the precise point in the iris that represents that part of your body. It’s a real-time, living map of your health!

What’s even more amazing is that when your body heals itself of that ailment, the gap will disappear and be replaced with color letting you know that the health threat has been eradicated!

Without any other diagnostic testing, a trained iridologist can tell you things about your health just by looking at your eyes!

It’s little wonder that people who have been on The Hallelujah Diet for any length of time have better skin and brighter eyes than they have in years!

Look closely at your irises and your skin. Do you see room for improvement?

If so, now you do what to do (or rather, what to eat)!

Have your eyes become brighter on The Hallelujah Diet?
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